Intraocular Lens Options

There are several choices for intraocular lens (IOL) replacement. The standard OHIP provided IOL is a very good lens. It corrects for distance or near vision but not both. Most people choose to have their vision corrected for distance and they use reading glasses for near vision. The measurement required to determine the IOL power is also covered by OHIP.

The second choice is an aspheric lens. It corrects for either distance or near as well but its advantage is that it provides superior contrast sensitivity with less glare at night and more clarity under low light conditions. This lens is recommended for drivers as it improves reaction time and is purchased one week before surgery at the hospital . With this lens the IOL Master measurement system is recommended as it provides the greatest accuracy for IOL power estimation available. The measurement is performed in our office and is NOT covered by OHIP.

The third option is for eyes with significant astigmatism or ovality in the surface of the cornea. This IOL, called the Toric lens, improves the residual blurriness after cataract surgery which would otherwise require glasses correction. It also corrects either distance or near vision. Both the IOL Master and corneal topography tests are required before purchasing this custom order lens.

The fourth type of IOL is the multifocal lens. It works in a similar fashion to multifocal glasses proving both distance and near correction. There is a small decrease in contrast vision and there may be mild glare and haloing at night . Not all individuals are candidates for this lens but this will be assessed at the time of your consultation. This lens also requires several tests prior to ordering it. It is purchased at the hospital.