What is iritis?

Iritis is an inflammation inside the eye much like arthritis is an inflammation inside a joint. The two conditions are in fact often related as people with iritis frequently also have arthritis.

What causes iritis?

The cause for someone’s first episode of iritis is not usually sought. However, if a second episode occurs or both eyes are involved at the same time or the case is unusual in some way, blood tests and x-rays are ordered. In over 80% of cases no cause is found. Some people have associated inflammatory conditions and others have a genetic predisposition.

How is it treated?

Iritis is treated with a combination of medications. Usually a pupil dilating drop, and one to three different anti-inflammatory drops or ointments are prescribed. If the eye pressure becomes elevated, medications to lower the pressure are prescribed as well. The resolution of the episode is gradual and may take weeks of treatment.

Will iritis damage my vision?

Iritis may temporarily or permanently blur the vision depending on its severity.
Often the vision returns to its normal state in time.

Is iritis contagious?

No, there is no risk to others.