Long time experience in cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment

Welcome to Toronto Cataract Surgery

Dr. Christine Erlich graduated from the University of Toronto in 1985.Following this she completed her Ophthalmology training and has been in clinical practice since. Her daily goal is to be a gentle, caring and knowledgeable physician as well as achieve excellence in surgical care for her patients.

As our seniors are leading longer and more active lives, a reduction in vision due to cataracts is becoming more common. Cataract surgery is one of the most frequently performed operations and it has a very high success rate. If you are having visual problems and think they may be due to cataracts, have your Family Doctor or Optometrist refer you to our office for a consultation.

More than 5% of the population over 70 has glaucoma. If not treated properly, it can gradually cause loss of vision. Everyone over 40 should have a regular eye pressure test. If your pressure is abnormal or your optometrist is concerned you may have glaucoma, request a referral to our office. A full glaucoma assessment will be performed, including the latest in glaucoma scanning technology.